OverTheWire - Bandit - Level 7 → Level 8

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Connect to the server using the following credentials:

Server: bandit.labs.overthewire.org
Port: 2220
Username: bandit7
Password: HKBPxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Level Goal is:

The password for the next level is stored in the file data.txt next to the word millionth

Let us first have a look at content of the data.txt file:

bandit7@bandit:~$ cat data.txt
humiliation's   47r0YuNylaQ3k6HqGF5NsPPiGuolDCjn
malarkey's      0huyJeRwvtJaoyRmJjQFsRnQcYG4gDir
prioress        ocudTlq9CbpCw9aByrqGffAuoYvCmLNV
enlivened       a7zT1gFekL2pB54py3NmJkYluxdAscwO
bony    r5GbTRzr0dsAMEuiBO8sznt0v56nci5z
transatlantic   ttoxcePeynPXWS1fnQTBWtij9uQwbBfJ
earliness       ikmPFX39MF1mrIfRvTMIFnBGyZV3T2Fa
rump's  nFY7k2ua3xfV5oScoBQsPhrwKjeKVwam
rink's  vzsUxoBeDiy7wo7SW1CnXZUYEOIUuoiw
sierras fUB5nuau8pLD55Wi4u6R8x4SDxqBUXfd
councilor       tbgpNSixmunP5A57tv12SLszsVgLt1Mp
pianissimi      lSICjA6MjNPOHvhggDApjtlV43gEAAp4

Find the line using grep:

bandit7@bandit:~$ grep -e 'millionth' < data.txt
millionth       cvX2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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