OverTheWire - Bandit - Level 17 → Level 18

Warning: This post contains a solution!

Only continue if:
1.) you want to see a possible alternative solution or
2.) you are stuck and need a hint!

Connect to the server using the following credentials:

Server: bandit.labs.overthewire.org
Port: 2220
Username: bandit17
and the private key from the level before!

Level Goal is:

There are 2 files in the homedirectory: passwords.old and passwords.new. The password for the next level is in passwords.new and is the only line that has been changed between passwords.old and passwords.new

NOTE: if you have solved this level and see ‘Byebye!’ when trying to log into bandit18, this is related to the next level, bandit19

Once connected, use diff to compare the two files and detect the changed line:

bandit17@bandit:~$ diff passwords.old passwords.new 
< hlbSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> kfBfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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